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[25 Nov 2004|07:18pm]

it's thanksgiving
im thankful for :
+ My Friends
+ Patrick
+ My Little Sister
+ Marissa
+ Kat-izzle Fo Shizzle Nizzle
+ Dinky
+ My Pets

uhhhm ??? anything else i need to be thankful for
comment & tell me

woo frickin hoo!
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[24 Nov 2004|12:21pm]
made a new LJ thing
all by myself :)

but idk if i should use it or not ;\

well the name is ___lyssie
just in case i decide to switch
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[23 Nov 2004|12:43pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

another day, more drama, another problem ..

yes i've figured out that that is how my day goes.
i got dropped from my salsa dance.
okay how gay .. granted i dont like that dance class but still.
i still want to perform .. it's not fair that dumb rapp bitch favors the goody toe shoed kids.
she picks them cause they are " courageous "
okay wtf? .. they just dont have the nerve to speak their opinion
its people like that who make me want to kill someone.
i mean why be a pussy about something you have to say, something you stand for.
my god .. people are so weak now of days.
but i find it funny how they kiss her ass & then talk trash about her.
god .. dumb bitches.
alright before i get anymore flustered ..
the one reason i really want to go to that class was cause of Courtney.
she made things so much fun & i was like yessss
but now that she's been "removed" from the class .. its on like fucking donkey kong bitches
i was looking forward to my part in the cabret .. but no rapp has it up.
& i will definately not do a cabret dance directed by her.
shes about as sexy as a fat hair assed man in a g-string okay?

ugh .. i think im gunna quit dance all together.
it brings to much drama.
im gunna go calm down.

later days.

<3 Pat <3
02 bring the memories

taken from SUSAN :) [22 Nov 2004|12:49pm]
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your live journal and see what I say about you
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[22 Nov 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

okay .. just had the weirdest moment in dance.
a lot of shit went down but basically to put it all simply ..

+ Mrs.Rapp blew up on Courtney
+ Courtney didnt take it & tried to discuss it
+ Rapp gave her a referal
+ Courtney whooped ass & proved her point
+ Rapp called security to take Courtney away
+ Rapp gave us a speech & put on a crying act

yeah rapp is gay & if courtney isnt in that class anymore .. im out because she treats us all unfair & its bullshit.

so yeah .. uhm the 2 friend thing is going okay i guess. 1 is coming back to school in 9 days :D & the other is still moving ;\. oh well

yeah im gunna go pimp susans LJ & do something else on it! later days

xoxoxox <33 I Love Pat
bring the memories

[20 Nov 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | drained ]

okay so i spent the day with ..
maja, step mom, bro, sis, & patrick <3
hahaha it was a kick ass day.
so today i went to see the rodeo today right?
haha well .. let me tell you im gunna blow those bitches out of the water!
they can eat my dust man!
pshhh .. them & their ugly nag horses
so them we came home & chilled
& i found out patrick is SO flippin ticklish
MWAHAHAHA .. it was fun tickling him
i love it when he smiles :) <3
makes me all happy & what not , haha
but yeah .. he couldnt stay the night cuz his mom said no
so them we took him home & came back here cause tomorrow ..
haha okay that was uh gaY? :P
im gunna go now .. later days

xoxoxoxoxo <333
02 bring the memories

[20 Nov 2004|01:29pm]

ryan zimmerman is hot love. <3

oh i got those from julie cause i was looking at her picture thing
cause i only love her? DUH! :)
01 bring the memories

[19 Nov 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | sad ]

" i close my eyes when i get to sad
i think thoughts that i know are bad
close my eyes & count to 10
hope its over when i open them
i want the things that i had before,
like the star wars poster on my bedroom door
i wish i could count to 10
& make everything wonderful again "

o flippin k .. what the hell is up here?
1 of my guy friends is in big trouble
& the other is moving back to ohio :'(
im seriously like having the worst feeling
im gunna miss them a lot & they just happen to be 2 of my good friends
ugh .. this is great :\

anywho other than that this week has been great :D
yeah i reall have nothing more to say. more later?
yeah now im gunna go have a kick ass weekend XD
xoxoxox later days. <333
I Love Patrick
toodles !! ** waves bye **
bring the memories

[18 Nov 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]


so anywho .. im in the library with my lovely fefe.
okay today has been SO fXcking depressing :\ , idk if im ever gunna be able to see one of my good friends ever again.
its making me kinda upset, even though i warned him about staying out of trouble.
ugh idk i think im just gunna miss his dumb ass :P hahah
aaaahh the more i think about it the more sad i get, this SUCKSSSSSSS :(
well yeah anywho im not going to the rodeo saturday cause we dont have a truck so yeah this is great.
but i am competeing in the one on December 18th .. FOR SURE
& my kat-izzie is fo sho going :D YAYYAYAYAYAYAYA
so yeah .. im gunna go for now.

dont waste the pretty

I Love Pat

bring the memories

[17 Nov 2004|12:32pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

alright im in the library right now with my one & only, adam
were being cool today & chillin like nerds in hurr.
well yeah today has been really tiring.
i have no clue why though, so yeah.
uhm .. today adam & i are going to the other house so he can watch me ride.
im gunna try to get him on a horse >;] BWAHAHAHAHHAHAH!
this shall be funnnnnnn, MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH *coughs on hair ball* oops?
ugh im getting so nervous for this thing & i have no clue why.
i think im pretty good, if i dont say so myself but hey my opinion isnt like the top nacho so yeah.
idk if i can even go cause like our truck went hasta la bye bye thanks to ghetto people who like to steal :)
im afraid of like failing i guess
i only say that cause my step mommy was like #1 in the United States & i dont want to like disappoint her or anything :\
ehck , this is so nerve recking!
i just hope i dont fXck up or anything cause that would be REALLY embaressing for me .. being in front of those people & all the people who are coming to watch me.
oh boy.
but on the other hand im excited to go cause im hoping to kick so ASS. :) \m/
i think me & my little sis will make those judges eat our dust.
so yeah .. were gunna be matching & everything so .. yeah laugh at me, tell how cool i'll look :)
yeah i think im gunna go .. i'll TRY to update later on tonight but if not ..
later days.

<33 Pat <33
bring the memories

[16 Nov 2004|12:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

okay today was pretty effin kewl! especially dance .. suprisingly, i had a little M.A.C. party with Katie, Angela, Missy, Marcela, & Vanessa. ( oh i did my darling Chelsea's make-up in P.E., she looked GORGEOUS) haha yes we are oh so very kewl! i have 3 new names .. M.A.C daddy, Bo-Bo the Clown, & Irish Bean! lmfao .. haha those are funny, well i guess you'd have to be there. sywho so afterwards i went to the other casa & practiced barrel racing. man im getting pro, hahah. j to the k! FINALLY I GOT TO TALK TO MY CARLY REA TODAY :D !!!! omgsh .. i miss her so much! agh talking to her made my day <33. i had to update her with stuff. but yeah .. other than that its been a good day. i think im gunna go play with the little sister & bro for a while. later days.

I Love Pat <3
06 bring the memories

[15 Nov 2004|12:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]

okay so right now im in the library with my FEFE-KINS! woo hoo! its awesome .. so once again i got in trouble in dance, but this time i wasnt alone i was in there with ANGELA! haha it was soooo gay! mrs.rapp can go suck a fat one! but yeah other than that schools been pretty chill today.

oh yeah & for all of you people who were wondering .. my rodeo training is going grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat :)! hahah i feel so queer saying that? but hey i think its fun. idk if im gunna be in the rodeo on the 21st anymore cause our pick-up got stolen :/ but if i dont go to this one im FOR SURE gunna be in the next one & im gunna take the love of my life KATIE!! <333 aaaaaagh i love her!

so yah i had a great weekend :D . cheesey (little sis) slepy over, it was tight. she met PAT<3, JAY, NICK, ARRYA. haha she's a crack up. uhmm yeah other than that .. there really isnt much to say. later days


I Love Patrick <33

katie -- i love you my little essay writer :)
( haha just thought id add that )
04 bring the memories

[11 Nov 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]

okay me & my 2nd mommy had a WONDERFUL talk today. i love her so much, idk what id do without her :). cheesey, mommy, & i went for pedicures, then to marshalls to get mommys stuff, & then to the park with my little bro to play. it was a pimp ass day, yah hurd? haah jk jk. omgsh .. im so excited im gunna be in a rodeo pretty soon :), ahah im a loser? oh well im all happy for it i guess! im gunna go chill with my mommay now! later!


04 bring the memories

[10 Nov 2004|09:01pm]

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[07 Nov 2004|09:20am]
[ mood | silly ]

im at my other casa right now :).
chillaxin with the familia & what not.
i had a blast over here <33. ummm other
than that life is going pretty good right
now & im really glad. it'll change something ALWAYS comes up.
well i was pretty glad this morning .. eck long story but yeaaaaaah.
i really want to see the movie Saw, hopefully i will this weekend.
bwahah im really looking forward to that :D !!!
im gunna go chillax with my little sister ..
Kelsey McKenzie "Cheesey Mac" Williams


bring the memories

[04 Nov 2004|11:02am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

mkayyyyy .. im at the grandma's oh yes is it fun :). were playin yahtzeeeeeeee. yes straight pimpin i know. well today i didnt go to school cause i have a slight fever, oh yuck. i still hope i can go to adams for din-din. i should be able to, my mom loves adam. even though she scares him sometime O.O, lmfao. yah well i really dont have much to say for now. later.

</3>i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you so.</marquee>

03 bring the memories

[24 Oct 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

sorry i have not updated. my moms been faggot & took away the mouse to my computer. can u say lame? cause i can still get on it! haha, anywho.

+ the TBS concert flippin rock. omg the best concert so far this year. i was with adam & julie the whole time. it was the greatest. except for the part with the gay poser ppl & the stupid bitch chick.

+ my front window broke. really dont want to have to go into explaining that but agh i still have a broken window & im waiting to get it fixed.

+ the rainy day this week was really fun. i played in the puddles with my 2 best friends NATHAN & MATTHEW! it rocked. haha we were like SOAKING wet. i love those 2 so much!

+ the homecoming game was the best part of my week! i hung out with my favorite 8th grader in the whole world .. ALEX BOSTON! duh, who else were u thinking of?! pssh i love him so flippin much! hes such a cutie <3 :). anwho we totally bonded & i alsoe chilled with DAKOTA. shit i love that kid & his gorgeous eyes. than that night i talked to kami's bf chad. hes pretty kewl. btw im really happt for u kami :D !

+ than last night was homecoming & it was pretty kewl. it coulda been better but i enjoyed myself. oh & everyone looked great, well some ppl. my dad is so awesome he walked me in to homecoming & picked me up. then after hc we went to in & out burger with uncle robert! how cool is that?! i love my daddy <3.

now im at my 2nd casa with my step mommy & daddy, & little sister & brother. i love it here <33 . i dont want to leave but i have to. well im gunna go play with my pimp ass guiena pig MOOSE ! haha hes the bomb.

03 bring the memories

[18 Oct 2004|07:54pm]
hahah today was a good day. it was PJ day! heck yes. it was quite comfy. anywho it was a interesting day. no excitment really. i love kenny chesney. yes people the ONLY country person i like. im listening to me & my little sisters song. haha it rocks. wow i miss her.

today i thought of you & it made me cry. i miss the way you smile & how you light up my world. i miss the feeling you give me. i miss how you make everything alright.
02 bring the memories

[15 Oct 2004|12:35am]
[ mood | distressed ]

today was fun stff man!
went to my "doctors" appointment & got mc.d's afterwards.
talked to matthew & did our 7 11 ritual & chillaxed ALL afternoon
then he left to go to the dentist & i went home.
then went to the game with nathan, matt, & adam.
mkay .. that was by far the best night ive had in a while.
so many laughs , OMG. i loved it. i almost pissed myself, haha.
i love those three so much ;; ca-ca caution, clarice, bobby booshay<3 bfFl
now im getting tired & bored.
im gunna go. later days.
xoxoxo </3>why do i let you get to me? why do i let this bother me? why do i let this kill me? why cant i just let go?</marquee>

01 bring the memories

[14 Oct 2004|01:09am]
[ mood | awake ]

today was a lazy day.
i chillaxed allllllllllllll frickin day.
i went to go look at my dress for homecoming.
then i spent the rest of my evenign with my matthew.
wow i love him like no other. he is the best.
hes so funny <3. bwahaha
god some people really piss me off though. its like WOW.
im gunna go now.
later. </3 xo

01 bring the memories

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